Financial Briefs Upcoming Topics

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May 2020:

  • Life Changes and Tax Planning
  • Taxes and Your Investments
  • Tax Treatment of IRA Losses
  • When to Use Tax-Advantaged Accounts
  • Planning Year Round (substitute feature article)

April 2020:

  • How Flexible Is Your Financial Plan?
  • 4 Steps to Boost Financial Confidence
  • Cut Financial Clutter
  • Financial Tips for the Sandwich Generation
  • What to Do If Your Budget Isn’t Working (substitute feature article)

March 2020:

  • Avoid These Investor Mistakes
  • 7 Psychological Traps
  • 4 Reasons for Goal-Focused Investing
  • Your Risk Tolerance and Retirement
  • Market Timing vs. Buy and Hold (substitute feature article)

February 2020:

  • Sufficient Funds for Your Entire Retirement
  • Retirement Planning for Stay-at-Home Parents
  • Manage Your Nest Egg after Retirement
  • Tax-Deferred Compounding
  • Retirement Withdrawal Strategies (substitute feature article)

January 2020:

  • How Much Will College Really Cost?
  • How Much Do You Need to Save for College?
  • Get Your Share of Merit Aid
  • Financial Management for College Students
  • Encourage the Importance of Saving (substitute feature article)

December 2019:

  • 10 Steps to Control Your Debt
  • Interest Rates and Debt
  • Paying Off Your Mortgage
  • Credit Cards and Your Financial Plan
  • Deciding on a Mortgage Term (substitute feature article)

November 2019:

  • How to Catch Up on Your Retirement Savings
  • The Psychology of Saving
  • Fun Ways for the Entire Family to Save
  • 5 Reasons to Start Saving
  • Can You Really Save 50% of Your Income? (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs October 2019:

  • Ways to Save for Retirement
  • When Should You Consider a 401(k) Plan
  • Help Beneficiaries Avoid IRA Mistakes
  • Converting to a Roth IRA
  • Your 401(k) Contribution Amount (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs September 2019:

  • Dow Theory: Curbing Emotional Investing
  • When Should You Sell?
  • Learning Lessons from the Stock Market
  • Principles of Stock Diversification
  • How Much of Your Portfolio Should Be in Stock? (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs August 2019:

  • Do You Really Need Disability Insurance?
  • 6 Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid
  • Insurance Basics
  • Reevaluate Life Insurance at Retirement
  • Consider a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy (substitute feature article)

July 2019:

  • Bond Investing Strategies
  • Managing Bond Risks
  • How Inflation Affects Bonds
  • Bond Investing Tips (substitute feature article)

June 2019:

  • Tax Planning and Retirement
  • Using Portfolio Losses
  • Why Tax Planning Matters
  • Taxes and Retirement Withdrawals
  • Calculating Your After-Tax Rate of Return (substitute feature article)

May 2019:

  • Why Inflation Can Be Good
  • Making Sense of the Federal Deficit
  • Don’t Underestimate Inflation in Retirement
  • Why Isn’t Inflation Zero Percent? (substitute feature article)

April 2019:

  • Estate-Planning Checklist
  • Having the Talk
  • Emotional Issues That Prevent Estate Planning
  • Distributing Your Estate to Grown Children
  • What Happens to a Beneficiary’s Share If He/She Dies before You? (substitute feature article)

March 2019:

  • Get These Decisions Right
  • Preventing Identity Theft
  • Loan Carefully
  • 4 Steps to Create a Budget
  • Reviewing Legal Documents (substitute feature article)

February 2019:

  • 5 Steps to Create an Investment Plan
  • Asset Allocation and Diversification
  • Don’t Make These Selling Mistakes
  • Why Teach Your Children about Investments?
  • Segregating Your Risk (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs January 2019:

  • How Much Do You Really Need to Retire?
  • Retirement Planning Assumptions
  • Avoid This Mistake
  • Should You Even Consider Early Retirement?
  • Drawdown Retirement Funds Carefully (substitute feature article)

December 2018:

  • Insurance Dos and Don’ts
  • Life Insurance as an Estate-Planning Tool
  • Give Yourself a Money Makeover
  • Calculating Your Life Insurance Needs
  • The Best Time to Buy Long-Term-Care Insurance (substitute feature article)

November 2018:

  • Growing Your 401(k) Plan
  • Taking Required Minimum Distributions
  • Is  Your 401(k) Plan Enough?
  • Your 401(k) Plan after Changing Jobs
  • Questions to Ask Before Taking Money from Your IRA (substitute feature article)

October 2018:

  • To Buy or Not to Buy
  • 5 Stock Investing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Understanding Stock Market Risk
  • Keeping Expectations in Check
  • Growth vs. Value Investing (substitute feature article)

September 2018:

  • Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score
  • How Much Is Too Much to Pay for a House?
  • Do You Have Too Much Debt?
  • How Mortgage Appraisals Work
  • Credit Issues as You Age (substitute feature article)

August 2018:

  • Myths about Bonds
  • Bonds at Every Stage of Life
  • Are All Triple-A Bonds the Same?
  • Why Should You Consider Bonds? (substitute feature article)

July 2018:

  • Tax Planning Through Life
  • Downside of Taxes Determining Investment Strategy
  • Should You Defer Income Taxes?
  • What Is Tax-Loss Harvesting?
  • A Tax Planning Mentality (substitute feature article)

June 2018:

  • Squeezed by Competing Needs
  • Expenses Cutting into Savings?
  • 7 Steps to Make Saving a Habit
  • Saving and Life Planning
  • Factors to Consider before Switching Jobs (substitute feature article)

May 2018:

  • Myths about College Planning
  • 7 Ways to Pay Less for College
  • Help Your Teen Prepare for College
  • Decisions Regarding College Funding
  • A Budget for College Students (substitute feature article)

April 2018:

  • Investing Before and During Retirement
  • Reassess Your Retirement Plans
  • Part-Time Retirement
  • Should You Stay or Should You Go?
  • Don’t Forget about Inflation (substitute feature article)

March 2018:

  • Estate Planning for Complicated Family Situations
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Distributing Personal Possessions
  • 5 Estate-Planning Tips for Dependents
  • Don’t Forget Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan (substitute feature article)

February 2018:

  • Your Financial Road Map
  • Finding Ways to Save
  • Time — Friend or Foe?
  • Financial Planning for Married Couples
  • Straighten Out Your Financial Accounts (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs January 2018:

  • Focus on the Basics
  • Assessing Your Risk Tolerance
  • Your Emotions and Investing
  • The ABCs of Risk Premiums
  • Avoid 5 Common Investing Mistakes (substitute feature article)

December 2017:

  • Pump Up Your Retirement Savings
  • Challenges to Your Retirement
  • Encourage Your Children to Fund IRAs
  • Don’t Touch Your 401(k) Plan
  • Keeping Track of Retirement Plans (substitute feature article)

November 2017:

  • Which Is Better? Saving or Paying Down Debt?
  • Debt and Your Retirement
  • Borrow Wisely
  • How to Avoid Credit Card Dependence
  • Set Your Own Debt Limits (substitute feature article)

October 2017:

  • How Do You Know If You’re Saving Enough?
  • Ways to Save for Retirement
  • 5 Reasons to Start Saving More
  • How to Make Saving a Part of Your Budget
  • Pay Yourself First (substitute feature article)

September 2017:

  • Avoid These 10 Insurance Mistakes
  • How to Protect against Medical Identity Theft
  • 5 Reasons to Consider Disability Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance: An Extra Layer of Protection
  • Should You Buy Term of Whole Life Insurance? (substitute feature article)

August 2017:

  • What’s a Reasonable Rate of Return?
  • Looking for Signals to Buy and Sell
  • Investing Defensively
  • Tactical Allocation and Market Timing
  • Watching Your Stocks (substitute feature article)

July 2017:

  • Estate-Planning Tips for Baby Boomers
  • Talking to Your Family about Your Estate Plan
  • Estate Planning for Blended Families
  • Should You Consider Incentive Trusts?
  • Higher Exclusion Limits and Trusts (substitute feature article)

June 2017:

  • Diversifying Your Bond Portfolio
  • Incorporating Bonds in Your Portfolio
  • Consider a Bond Tent
  • How and Why to Build a Bond Ladder
  • Consider Maturity Dates (substitute feature article)

May 2017:

  • Tips for Cutting Taxes in Retirement
  • Consider Investment Tax Strategies
  • Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Taxes?
  • A Tax Planning Perspective (substitute feature article)

April 2017:

  • How Flexible Is Your Financial Plan?
  • Guarding Your Financial Information
  • How to Save Without the Pain
  • Financial Rules of Thumb
  • Why Budgets Are Important (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs March 2017:

  • Managing Investment Risk
  • 10 Common Investor Mistakes
  • Invest at Your Own Risk
  • Does a Buy-and-Hold Strategy Still Make Sense?
  • Asset Correlation: What Is It and How Do You Use It? (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs February 2017:

  • Start Longevity Planning Now
  • The DOL Fiduciary Rule: What You Need to Know
  • Your 401(k) Plan Has Some Hidden Gems
  • Withdrawal Strategies Are as Important as Planning Strategies (substitute feature article)

Financial Briefs January 2017:

  • Is It Time to Rethink College?
  • Financing Your Graduate Degree
  • The Costs of Not Planning Ahead
  • An Investment Plan for College
  • Shopping for Value in a College Degree (substitute feature article)