About Newsletters from Integrated Concepts Group

Established in 1987 in Madison Heights, Michigan, Integrated Concepts Group, Inc. provides customized publishing products materials for the financial services industry. We specialize in newsletters, both printed and e-mail. Everything is completed at our facility in Madison Heights — writing, proofreading, layout, printing, folding, and mailing. We are a one-stop shop that has specialized in newsletters for the financial services industry for almost 30 years.

We offer a variety of newsletters in two-color and full-color formats, with monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly distribution schedules. We are proud of the extensive list of features we offer to our clients:

  • Get a personalized masthead with your picture — We custom design the masthead and include logos, photos, and contact information. You can even include a brief message, since it is a key focal point for your readers. You can remind clients about an upcoming seminar or direct them to pay special attention to your personal article.
  • Include your own article in the newsletter — The last page of most of our newsletters is set up in a modular fashion to give you maximum flexibility regarding the length of articles that you want to include in your newsletter. Financial Success and 401(k) Update allow you to include an article on the first page as well.
  • Add your signature to your article — Want a more personal touch for your article? Include your signature.
  • Change the name — For most of our newsletters, you can change the name to incorporate your own name or company name.
  • Date the newsletter your way — Instead of printing the month and year, you can use seasons or quarters. Some of our more creative subscribers use volume or edition numbers.
  • Set the newsletter up with a return address panel — The back page of your newsletter can include your return address information so that the newsletter can be mailed without an envelope.
  • Select another issue — Don’t think that the current issue of your newsletter is just right for your client mix? Then select a back issue that fits better. Most of our newsletters are published monthly — and even if you don’t mail to your clients and prospects that often — you receive a sample of each and every issue. That way, you have a wide range of topics and articles to choose from.
  • Mailing services — We also offer mailing services for the ultimate in convenience. Just send us your mailing list and we will do the rest — print, fold, stuff in envelopes, label, and mail. All for a very reasonable charge.