Making the Most of Your Masthead

Your masthead can contain more information than just your logo, company name, and phone numbers. Here are some other ways you can use your masthead:

  • To briefly list services you provide.
  • To announce a radio show or special appearance.
  • To direct readers to read your News and Announcements section on page 4.
  • To list employees’ names or show a group photo.
  • To tell readers to call for upcoming seminar dates.
  • To give a brief bio of yourself or your company.
  • To request that readers call with names of individuals who would be interested in a free subscription to your newsletter.

Although you don’t want this information to replace the information that identifies you to your readers, you can make this space attractive to the eye. Since the masthead is the first area your readers see on the newsletter, it is a great place for reinforcing an important message.

In addition to embellishing your masthead, don’t forget about the other personalization options we offer for your newsletter. You can change the dating. Or use a different issue for your current issue. Or set up the newsletter as a self mailer so you don’t have to mail it in an envelope. Or add your signature to your news and announcements. In many cases, you can even change the name of your newsletter. Check out all of our personalization options here.

Also remember that most compliance departments require review of newsletters before you can distribute them to your clients and prospects, even though each issue of our newsletters is reviewed by FINRA. As part of our newsletter service, we can handle the compliance review for you. For more detail, check out our compliance review services.

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