Personalized Articles as Easy as 0407-791

We know that finding the time to sit down and write an article is not easy. It can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating to write what you want to say to your clients in a clear and concise manner. So for your convenience, we’ve created a series of short, easy-to-read personalized articles called “Ideas for Your Article.”

The personalized articles in “Ideas for Your Article” are written just for you. Feel free to use them exactly as they appear, or tailor them to suit your needs. We can easily change any of the articles to a plural or singular format, delete a sentence, or add a phone number. When you are planning to use the articles verbatim, it is not necessary to retype the entire article — all we need is the code number that appears at the top of each piece. This saves us time typing and proofreading material we already have on file.

So, the next time your newsletter deadline comes up, don’t panic. Just reach for your copy of “Ideas for Your Article” and select a personalized article that appeals to you. Don’t forget to add your own personal touch with a personal greeting at the beginning of the article or maybe a small blurb at the end mentioning upcoming events at your office. We publish and mail a new selection of articles quarterly with Marketing Briefs, so you will always have fresh articles on hand.

Also keep in mind that we offer a variety of personalization options for your newsletter. You can change the date, add your signature to the news and announcements section, substitute a different issue of the newsletter, set the newsletter up as a self mailer, and even change the name of the newsletter. All these options allow you to make the newsletter uniquely yours. For a full run down of the personalization options available, check this article out.