Newsletter Program Tips

By Ann O'Brien | January 5, 2016

Newsletter-TipsHere are some newsletter program tips to help utilize your newsletter more effectively:

  • Send your newsletter consistently. You should send your newsletter at least quarterly so that your clients and prospects realize that they are receiving it on a regular schedule.
  • Be patient. Newsletters are a subtle, indirect marketing tool that require time to adequately evaluate their effectiveness. You should send your newsletter for at least 18 months to two years to give it adequate time to make an impression on your clients and prospects.
  • Determine your goal for the newsletter. You may want to keep in touch with your current clients…or maybe you want to market additional services to your clients…or you may use the newsletter with prospects as a means to stay in contact. Keep your goal in mind when you write your article for the newsletter. If you want people to call you, make sure your article is written on a subject of particular interest to your readers and ask them to call you. Make it easy for your readers to contact you by including a reader response card or a theme response card.
  • Periodically tell your readers about your services. Many clients and prospects won’t be familiar with the total range of services you provide. Include a list of your services in your newsletter periodically to remind them.
  • Highlight articles of particular interest to your clients.A handwritten note on the front of the newsletter is an effective attention getter and will be sure to get your newsletter read.
  • Only reluctantly delete names from your mailing list. Sometimes it will take a prospect a year or two to decide to do business with you. The cost of sending a newsletter to that person over that time period is minimal compared to the revenue you may lose if that person forgets about you.
  • Keep an extra supply of newsletters. You can use them to leave in your office lobby, to pass out at seminars, or to mail to new prospects and clients.
  • Ask people how they like your newsletter. At the same time, ask if they know anyone who would like a free subscription to the newsletter.
  • Send copies of your newsletter to other professional referral sources. Ask them if they would like additional copies to give to their clients. Keeping your name in front of these referral sources is a good way to ensure that they think of you when they have business to refer.

We hope these newsletter program tips will help you use your client newsletter more effectively.

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