Energize Your Business with These Ideas

Energize Your Business with These Ideas

By Ann O'Brien | January 5, 2016

Coworkers Giving High-FiveHere are some ideas to consider as you rewrite your business plan, set new goals, and design your marketing strategy, in other words, to energize your business:

  • Make arousing interest and attracting attention to yourself and your business part of your daily routine.
  • Start collecting testimonial letters from your best clients. You can insert them in brochures that are mailed out to potential clients or other professionals that might be sources of referrals.
  • Focus on making networking a priority to energize your business. Although networking and word-of-mouth campaigns may be subtler than a large ad campaign, they tend to be more effective since people generally buy from someone they know and trust.
  • Review your current mailings, brochures, or website to see if any improvements or updates need to be made. Use a formal wedding invitation format to announce a change of address, seminar date, or simply to announce your company’s mission statement. Hand address the envelopes and have the return address printed on the back flap of the envelope without the company name.
  • Document your success. When something memorable happens in your company or you are bestowed an award, capture it for all to see. Put an announcement of your award or success story in your client newsletter and then reproduce the same announcement in your local paper along with your photo. By maximizing your good fortune, you will also build your image at the same time.
  • Use clear and concise advertisements and mailing pieces when promoting your services. Remember not to over-promise or spread yourself too thin.
  • Contact your clients regularly in order to build the trust that allows for long-term client retention. Put yourself “in front of your clients” at least 20 times a year. You can break this number down so it is more manageable by having 12 monthly mailings, 4 quarterly statements, 4 quarterly phone calls, and 1 or more scheduled meetings.
  • Spice up your seminars by using games or involving giveaways that help to familiarize people with the investment process and to energize your business. People are invited to more seminars now than ever before and are becoming selective as to which they will attend. Devote as much time as possible to planning and making your seminar memorable.
  • Write a referral letter once a year asking if your clients know anyone who could use your services. Use simple language and write from the heart. Supplement this letter by including thank-you paragraphs in your client newsletter at least 4 times a year. Your clients will assume that others are passing your name out frequently and they will be inspired to follow suit.
  • Involve yourself in your community by joining organizations or clubs, volunteering at various events, and indulging in your hobbies with others. Through these memberships, you have the opportunity to meet people, create friendships, and, ultimately, gain new business.
  • Entertain frequently. Have dinner parties at your home or consider starting a breakfast club for groups of clients who might enjoy sharing their financial experiences. For example, you could invite couples who have already adjusted to retirement to speak to those who are preparing for it. Another idea is to have an informal game night. This will allow you to get to know your clients on another level. You can play regular games or financially oriented ones.
  • Tailor your time to your clients’ needs. Offer to make house calls, or meet during lunch or after work at the gym. Clients will take notice and appreciate your flexibility.
  • Surprise your clients with some extra-special touches of service. Send duplicates of statements and confirmations to your clients’ CPAs to make tax time easier. Have extra umbrellas on hand for visiting clients to borrow in case of sudden rain. Personalize your business cards by jotting down your home phone number so clients can reach you in case of an emergency. These little extras give a clear message that you care about your clients and cherish them.

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