Benefits of a Personalized Newsletter

Benefits of a Personalized Newsletter

By Ann O'Brien | January 5, 2016

Senior businessman giving presentationWhy should you use a personalized newsletter as a marketing tool? Because a newsletter is a very effective way to reach prospects and clients and inform them about you, your company, and your services. The goal of your newsletter should be to attract new clients and keep current clients loyal. Here are several benefits of a personalized newsletter:

A newsletter keeps your name in front of clients and prospects.

You don’t have time to call or meet with every one of your clients and prospects. By sending them a newsletter, however, you present yourself to them in a non-threatening way. If your newsletter is appealing to the eye and contains helpful information, it will be read and will keep you in their minds.

A newsletter gives you an opportunity to step in when a client or prospect has a need.

If your newsletter is well-written and defines who you are, it will make an impression on its recipients. After receiving your newsletter several times, your readers will likely think of you when they have a need that falls under your area of expertise.

A newsletter establishes and enhances your credibility.

In today’s highly competitive market, an intelligent, informative newsletter will set you apart from your competitors by sharing your company’s expertise, knowledge, and experience. Readers will judge your knowledge based on your newsletter. If you provide information that will help them in their financial lives, they will have confidence in you and your company.

A newsletter shapes the image of your company.

Oftentimes your prospects won’t know anything about you, your company, or where you fit in your industry. A newsletter solves that image problem by educating your market about who you are and what you do.

When used correctly, a well-written, educational newsletter can be a very successful marketing tool. Personalization is also a key element. Not only do you want to educate your clients on financial matters, you also want to interject your personality and style into the newsletter so they feel that they are meeting a person, not just a company. And remember, it takes time to see results, but your commitment and consistency will pay off.

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