Upcoming Topics

Upcoming Topics

To find a list of upcoming topics for your newsletter, just click on the name of the newsletter you receive:

On the months you aren’t scheduled to receive a newsletter, you will receive a sample copy for that month. You will also receive an advance copy of the issue you are scheduled to receive about two weeks before we need your article and information. If, for any reason, you prefer to use a different issue, just let us know and we will substitute that issue in place of your scheduled issue. If you can’t find the issue that was mailed to you, just email us at csr@icgnews.com and we will email a sample copy to you. The list of upcoming topics will help you identify newsletter issues you may be interested in publishing.

To let us know you want to use a different issue, simply indicate it on the Instruction Form mailed to you before each issue. Or you can email your instructions to us at csr@icgnews.com or call us at 1-800-338-4329.

Please take a moment to ensure that you are utilizing all of our personalization options for your newsletter. Want to change the name of your newsletter? Want to date it differently? How about adding your signature to your news and announcements section? Or setting the newsletter up as a self mailer so you don’t need to use envelopes to mail them. All of these options are available. See a complete list of personalization options here.

We are here to help ensure that your personalized newsletter helps you maintain contact with clients and prospects and helps you build your practice. If you have any questions or need anything from us, please let us know. Thanks for using our newsletters!