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Building Your Brand with Newsletters

So you started your own company and now you’re trying to get the word out and show people what has made you so excited. But…no one is really listening. To them, you and your company are just another company on … Continue reading »

5 Newsletter Mistakes to Avoid

Newsletter Mistakes #1: You Try to Do It on Your Own Putting together a newsletter is a pretty time-consuming enterprise and is one of the major newsletter mistakes. The brainstorming alone can take a considerable amount of time if you’re … Continue reading »

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

A thought leader drives new ideas and innovation in their respective field. Through their education and experience, they become experts in their industry and use this to help others gain insight. Becoming a thought leader doesn’t happen overnight. It takes … Continue reading »

How Email Marketing Can Complement Your Print Newsletter

When directly compared to print newsletters, email newsletters just don’t cut the mustard for a variety of reasons. Between their dismal open rates and click-thru rates, there’s just no way that email marketing can even come close to the power … Continue reading »

Creating Value Versus Noise

Raise your hand if you’ve ever created a social media post, blogged, or sent an e-newsletter solely because an “expert” told you to do so frequently or consistently. If your arm is lingering in the air sheepishly, you’re not alone. … Continue reading »

Asking for Client Feedback

Sometimes it can seem like you know better than your client. And you probably do – you are the specialist in your field after all! But while you certainly know more about what type of retirement plan, income property, or … Continue reading »

3 Tips for Printed Newsletter Success

You’ve read the statistics. Sending your clients and prospects a printed newsletter full of genuine, interesting, and beneficial content is the most optimal way to reach out on a consistent basis so they immediately think of you when they need … Continue reading »

Why Your Blog and Email Newsletter Reach Stinks

One of the biggest mistakes businesses tend to make when brainstorming content for your blog or e-newsletter is placing too much emphasis on products or services themselves while forgetting to include your customers in the equation. Unless you’re explaining how … Continue reading »

5 Business Articles Clients Love to Read

All of our newsletters provide space for you to write your own business articles, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with an idea for your article. Here are five great options: Employee Spotlights as Business Articles The … Continue reading »

Converting Prospects to Lifelong Clients

There’s a big price difference between new clients and old clientss.  In fact, on average, it costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Once you capture prospects’ interest, it only … Continue reading »