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Networking: 5 Reasons Newsletters Can Catapult Your Networking

Networking is single-handedly one of the most important strategies for connecting with prospects and maintaining long-term business relationships. But why is that? Aside from the obvious human preference for face-to-face communication that allows us to more closely “plug-in” to someone’s … Continue reading »

Educational Marketing to Captivate Clients

For some business owners, sending a printed newsletter filled with educational marketing articles that seem to have little connection to their specific business or industry can feel a little mystifying or even senseless at first.  Why am I giving customers … Continue reading »

Why Social Media Marketing Fails

If your social media marketing efforts just aren’t showing any signs of better reach, click-throughs, or growth, it might not be what you’re doing but how social media operates and the way its various channels deliver ads and posts. You’re … Continue reading »

9 Tips to Take Your Content Marketing from 0 to 10

Make Content Marketing Relevant to Your Clients If you’re already focused on content but not generating responsive or consistent feedback in terms of page views, average session duration, bounce rate, and feedback, there’s a good chance that you’re either a) … Continue reading »

How to Obtain Loyal Clients (by Keeping Them Happy)

No matter how successful your ad campaign, Groupon deal, or special event was in driving new clients to your company, it doesn’t translate into real growth or profits without loyal clients. As much as we’d like to believe that our … Continue reading »

Is a Newsletter Subscription Cost Effective?

You love the idea. Reaching out on a monthly basis in a direct, non-obtrusive way that gives customers and prospects something of value and establishes you as an expert in your field. But is a newsletter subscription worth it versus … Continue reading »

How to Track Newsletter Readers

Just because your newsletter readers aren’t reading your content online doesn’t mean you can’t track who’s reading and following up as a result. In fact, with the right methods, much of your tracking can take place online. Or not—as you’ll … Continue reading »

Cost Effective Marketing: The Best (and Worst) Returns on Investment

You’re sold on the direct, guaranteed delivery and WOW factor that only printed newsletters can deliver. But which cost effective marketing channel gives you the most bang for your buck? Social Media Marketing You’ll be hard-pressed to find solid, if … Continue reading »

5 Things Clients Want from You

Trying to figure out what your clients want from you? Check out these five things: Clients Want #1: Actions That Feel Genuine Few people can resist a small act of kindness; especially when it’s not perceived as a gift or … Continue reading »

Building Your Brand with Newsletters

So you started your own company and now you’re trying to get the word out and show people what has made you so excited. But…no one is really listening. To them, you and your company are just another company on … Continue reading »