Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wealthy Clients and Propsecting

In the financial services industry, we are all aware of how important wealthy clients are to our businesses. For example, one financial advisor who manages over $26 million for his clients nets more than $200,000 a year. Because wealthy clients … Continue reading »

Financial Education for Employees

While many employee assistance programs help with marital problems, gambling, and drug abuse, financial education has not until recently been seen as a viable way to reduce workplace stress and lost productivity. However, in a 1987 survey, IDS Financial Services … Continue reading »

Spending Time with Your Clients

New research shows that spending time with clients is key to a thriving financial advisory practice. Face-to-face client meetings give you more channels of communication to send your message, including office decor, eye contact, and body language. However, many advisors … Continue reading »

Newsletter Program Tips

Here are some newsletter program tips to help utilize your newsletter more effectively: Send your newsletter consistently. You should send your newsletter at least quarterly so that your clients and prospects realize that they are receiving it on a regular schedule. … Continue reading »

Asking for Referrals

Many times the most valuable way to gain new clients is through referrals by existing clients. However, this is often an uncomfortable process – you feel you are putting your clients on the spot by asking for referrals. But it doesn’t … Continue reading »

Marketing Success: The Secret

Searching for the secret to marketing success? Actually, the answer isn’t a secret, it just looks like too much work to most people. The key to marketing success is: PERSISTENCE Most people fail at marketing because they don’t have enough faith … Continue reading »

Estate Planning Marketing

The next 15 years or so will bring about the largest transfer of wealth from one generation to the next in history, making the estate planning market a difficult one to ignore. But you shouldn’t start estate planning marketing based … Continue reading »

Use Newsletters to Turn Prospective Clients into Productive Clients

Newsletters are a versatile marketing tool. Not only can you use newsletters to educate and keep in contact with current clients, you can also use them to turn prospects into clients. In order to do this successfully, though, you need … Continue reading »

Marketing Yourself Using Media

Marketing yourself using media is a way to enhance your reputation and generate name familiarity among current and prospective clients. By using the media to increase public awareness of your knowledge and services, you also reassure your current clients that … Continue reading »