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Educational Marketing to Captivate Clients

For some business owners, sending a printed newsletter filled with educational marketing articles that seem to have little connection to their specific business or industry can feel a little mystifying or even senseless at first.  Why am I giving customers … Continue reading »

Converting Prospects to Lifelong Clients

There’s a big price difference between new clients and old clientss.  In fact, on average, it costs 5-10 times more to acquire a new client than it does to retain an existing one. Once you capture prospects’ interest, it only … Continue reading »

Your Marketing Plan and Newsletters

Newsletters can be particularly valuable in developing a relationship between your firm and your clients or prospective clients. Here are some ideas on how to make your personalized newsletter play a more integral part in your marketing plan: Build awareness Remind clients … Continue reading »

Standing Out in the Do-It-Yourself World of Investing

Today, many investors are making financial decisions based on their own research. With electronic trading and volumes of easily accessible information on the Internet, more people are venturing out on their own. As a result, standing out is even more … Continue reading »

Energize Your Business with These Ideas

Here are some ideas to consider as you rewrite your business plan, set new goals, and design your marketing strategy, in other words, to energize your business: Make arousing interest and attracting attention to yourself and your business part of … Continue reading »

Marketing IRAs Year Round

Marketing IRAs year round can be a good product for your practice. There are a number of reasons that IRAs have much greater relevance now than in the past, including the general aging of the population, the growing rate of … Continue reading »

Wealthy Clients and Propsecting

In the financial services industry, we are all aware of how important wealthy clients are to our businesses. For example, one financial advisor who manages over $26 million for his clients nets more than $200,000 a year. Because wealthy clients … Continue reading »

Financial Education for Employees

While many employee assistance programs help with marital problems, gambling, and drug abuse, financial education has not until recently been seen as a viable way to reduce workplace stress and lost productivity. However, in a 1987 survey, IDS Financial Services … Continue reading »

Spending Time with Your Clients

New research shows that spending time with clients is key to a thriving financial advisory practice. Face-to-face client meetings give you more channels of communication to send your message, including office decor, eye contact, and body language. However, many advisors … Continue reading »

Marketing Success: The Secret

Searching for the secret to marketing success? Actually, the answer isn’t a secret, it just looks like too much work to most people. The key to marketing success is: PERSISTENCE Most people fail at marketing because they don’t have enough faith … Continue reading »